We can assist with outplacement services to help your employees who have been, or are about to be retrenched. Our service is professional and comprehensive, and can be tailored to organisational and individual employee needs.

What is included in our process?

Outplacement / Career Transition Support

Our support for affected individuals includes the following:

  • Assessing the individuals resume, and where appropriate assist with the development of a resume that meets best practice standards
  • Conducting a career planning and development session with the individual to assess possible future career directions
  • Coaching the individual in interviewing skills
  • Coaching and assisting the individual in search techniques for an appropriate role, organisation, and industry
  • Providing confidential feedback to your organisation of the individuals progress
Redundancy Packaging

We can assist you in designing fair, equitable and legally compliant redundancy packages.  This includes evaluating any prevailing industrial relations agreements and “going rates” in your industry sector.

Implementation Planning

We can assist you in developing a comprehensive implementation plan, which will ensure that:

  • All effected employees are treated with respect and dignity
  • Managers are properly briefed and adequately equipped to deal with the process
  • All relevant legal requirements are properly identified and addressed
  • Industrial relations issues are minimised
Workforce Communication

We can help you develop an effective communication plan which ensures all employees are informed of the intended downsizing program, and which provides a clear direction and purpose for those remaining in the organisation

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